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Development of potentials

30 Reasons why you need a coach/ Reasons why coaching is important

  1. A coach opens an invisible space for you, keeping it for you during the setting through his attention for you. Even if he says nothing, he is present with his presence, and so you can give off more easily control and go inward in order to sense yourself.
  2. A coach listens to you actively. He is with his attention to 100 % with you. This focus on you and your subjects gives you strength. So you will find it easier to bethink yourself. Your system begins to relax and your thoughts organize themselves without saying.
  3. A coach centres you over and over again if you wander away with your thoughts. The point is that you get from the autopilot (trained conditioning) to an autonomous self from where you could develop ideas or potentialities by your own.
  4. A coach awakens your potentialities and will help to define and implement them through questions, observation of the body, active listening and also by influencing with positive energy or with necessary offers which could resource you.
  5. A coach will introduce you to the importance of values and helps you in discovering them at yourself, or if not available to develop them consciously.
  6. A coach will help you to discover and to change your impeding beliefs which hinder the development of your talents.
  7. A coach inspires you by his example, by his positive energy and through his belief in the good in you. So you also begin to believe in yourself and to feel your own potentials.
  8. A coach can help you to discover these potentials, to rename them, so that targets could arise out of it to develop your potentials.
  9. A coach guides you to define goals, to write them down, remember them, and then also to achieve them.
  10. A coach transforms your conditionings, habits or recriminations. He will help you to remove stumbling blocks out of your way, to skip them or even to circumvent them.
  11. A coach asks and makes sure that you have converted your habits in new patterns of behaviour. He helps you to condition them and repeats with you the newly acquired knowledge.
  12. A coach explains you the difference between your conditioning (your autopilot) and your true autonomous self. This awareness work will be repeated through multiple sessions.
  13. 13. A coach is like a lighthouse in the harbour where you can go. He gives you confidence and helps to develop new behavioural patterns as well as corresponding strategies.
  14. A coach will help you to be yourself, especially if you are adjusted. And he protects you from the outside world which often doesn’t want your changing.
  15. A coach will help you to leave your comfort zone and to make the impossible possible.
  16. A coach is your guide on the journey to your inner self. He experiences various adventures together with you which will show up on the road.
  17. A coach is also usually a therapist who dissolves blockages, releases energy, finds dogma which are hidden in your subconscious.
  18. A coach will help you reaching your goals faster.
  19. A coach will call attention to your blind spots which you cannot see by yourself. He reflects you.
  20. A coach has charisma, an inner radiance. He supports you to be a magnet and he will accompany you to a charismatic personality so that you will start to shine from inside.
  21. A coach helps you with your self PR, to position yourself correctly achieving the desired results on the journey to your career.
  22. A coach can support you reaching your work and life balance.
  23. A coach knows how you can leave the rat race and he will help you working of your stress.
  24. A coach will accompany you out of burnout or out of boreout.
  25. A coach helps you to measure your satisfaction level and then to increase it.
  26. A coach supports you to come back into the flowing, to regain pleasure, to think positive, just to be happy.
  27. A coach helps me to observe my thoughts, to sort them or to name them.
  28. A coach supports me in improving my communication, resolving conflicts, repairing networks or relationships, developing new strategies for communicating more mindful.
  29. A coach helps me in reaching financial independence (career planning, salary negotiations, business formation, business negotiations).
  30. A coach provides feedback to my outfit (from hair to shoes, business casual, etiquette manual).


 by Gloria Samadhi 3rd July 2015


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