2. January 2016,

Social responsibility – SwissGo

Gloria Samadhi supports financially weak Swiss citizens in their re-entry into the professional life through coaching , therapy and stress reduction .
Switzerland is considered as one of the richest countries in the world, but there are also financially weak citizens who need support urgently to move from social assistance into the labour market. Here, Gloria Samadhi supports with coaching and therapy. With loss of a job it’s happening often that one fall into a ‘black hole’ and doesn’t find the way out so that the new entry is not possible without support because of the lack of self-esteem. Sometimes one needs an ‘invisible helping hand’ that helps somebody along.


Here Gloria Samadhi assists with a “first-aid-coaching” by phone.

Swiss citizens in need can apply for this “telephone first aid” via email by Mrs. Samadhi, from all over Switzerland.


A hotline has been set up for you, where you can get in touch with Gloria Samadhi once a month only at your telephone costs.

Every first Saturday of the month: Call between 11-12 clock the following mobile number

+ 41 78 763 7191


Young Talents – 50 % discount

Gloria Samadhi also supports young talents entering professional life with a 50% discount for a coaching session.




You can apply for the discount via e-mail at Gloria Samadhi for finding a good professional career start.



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