The 4-Season-Program

“coming together is a beginning…
keeping together is progress…
working together is success.”

Within the retreats you will find a safe room of silence and centration. There is the possibility to take ‘a deep breath’, let stress behind you and a place where each could concentrate on itself as well as on the essentials of life. 

All courses include meditative and relaxing elements which will help you finding your inner center, your inner room of silence. Therewith the entry to your intuition will be initialised as well as to your ability of your inner guidance and to listen to the voice of your heart. 

This experience of the inner self , the inner center of stillness and peace is the essence of my work . Out of this center, there arise totally new perspectives to deal with the challenges of your life, and sowith new goals could be defined .

The retreats provide the following options:

  • to step out of your daily life
  • escape burnout and other health problems
  • re-strenghten again
  • develop leadership skills
  • enhance communication consciously
  • solve conflicts, reflection on itself
  • getting feedback, developing new ideas
  • define goals, check them, pursue them sustainable, check again, celebrate results and define new goals again .

The 4-season program is both a possibility to “step out of daily routines” but at the same time also an efficient way of own leadership and giving the business a new direction. You learn to communicate more mindful with yourself and others, and especially to “refuel your power”. It gives you the feeling of a “time out” while doing something for yourself.

The program includes also a certificate as leadership training, which you will acquire at the end.

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Spring-Retreat on Tenerife

… the New Year you can start on Tenerife in the Mindfulness Retreat for Executives.

Summer-Retreat in Austria

… to give room for growing things , whille checking where you are ,  where are possible blockades.

on Mallorca

… reflecting on what I have sown and what do I harvest ? In our Leadership Retreat we look at the successes and celebrate them

Winter-Retreat in Switzerland

… after the “crop” going into silence, exchanging information about the experiences and have a look on the past year.

Writer Retreat

A retreat for releasing your writing resources, overcoming writer’s blockades for the preparation of a report, a blog , a book … discover your inner writer.