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Gloria Samadhi helps recognise weaknesses and helps turn them into strengths, leaving the mind free for what is more important.

A company is the sum of its people. Their abilities, their motivation and their commitment are decisive in determining whether the organization as a whole can perform effectively, while for its part the organization is critical in determining the extent to which each individual employee realises his or her full potential. Unresolved problems, substandard structures, unclear goals or lack of vision can lead to personal blockages. Changes in structures and processes can reset the course, allowing the individual employee to grow with the company and to offer a personal contribution to its success.

Gloria Samadhi applies her strategic consulting at the point where business and individual intersect, in order to create structures for sustainable growth. Along with the definition of clear strategies and tools, this involves their implementation with regard to the legal and fiscal framework, controlling tools and both internal and external communication.

Our performance is as varied as your needs:

  • Conflict and crisis management
  • Communication and image
  • Relocation / International expansion
  • Controlling – Balanced scorecard
  • Succession planning
  • Partner or shareholder conflicts
  • “Potential consultation” with state funding


Frequently, the strategic solution to entrepreneurial issues is the key to the personal development of businesses and people in managerial positions as well. New sources of energy are released and the temporal and mental capacities to assume new tasks and set new goals are made available.