5. January 2016,

Achieving your goals with certainty

You would like to

  • reach your private and professional goals?
  • learning to come to a decision effectively?
  • overcome burnout, depression, sleep disorder, stress?
  • learn to lead employees well?
  • develop your executives in your company?


Gloria Samadhi supports

  • you as company as consultant
  • you as leaders and experts through Coaching or eCoaching

and offers workshops and retreats for further development.


That means for you

  • enhanced empowerment to achieve your personal and professional goalst
  • time for reflection with an expert regarding your development process
  • a change of perspective and the development of consistent policy options for you
  • feedback on your skills, your perception and understanding of your daily roles
  • new methods to discover your challenges in life and in your working environment to use them profitably
  • self-awareness in order to reduce “blind” spots and creating your life mission
  • a professional and effective preparation for new challenges in your working environment
  • becoming aware of your own patterns of thoughts and actions
  • to be able to learn leading yourself and then leading others
  • in principle, achieving higher clarity about your goals, finding a good work and life balance as well as strengthening your own satisfaction

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