4. January 2016,

Do you know eCoaching?

Your advantages with eCoaching:

  • You can focus more on yourself, stay with you, and you won’t get distracted by the outer appearance of the coach.
  • You can be at home during the session in a familiar place, so that the stabilization can take place more quickly.
  • You will come faster in your own inner space because of not having the distractions.
  • You will save making the trip taking the train or going by car, and you will save the preparation as well, like to dress yourself, to get ready.
  • It may be that you feel observed by the coach. In a phone session, you will not be observed.
  • You can remain anonymous. Being anonymous open you up faster and build confidence quicker. There is no fear that someone could come to know about it because the coach is far away though near at the same time. And the client is also more protected.
  • It’s necessary to mention that a different type of communication takes place. The classic face-to-face therapy and coaching have their pros and cons. You can also do both. But the eCoaching has no disadvantages yet! None of my clients gave negative feedback up to now.
  • You can take your coaching sessions regularly though you are traveling or you are “on the road”. In coaching and therapy sustainability plays a major role in order to achieve the wished or desired results.
  • The attention and the focus lie on the process.
  • You can be completely at ease with an eCoaching.


Sometimes it’s good for traumatized people in the first step only to hear the voice on the phone, to build up trust slowly. It’s offering the opportunity to stay in the cocoon, in the safe room at home. And therewith very carefully, step by step, moment by moment, the client could engage in a person out there before it comes to a face-to-face encounter on Skype or in the coaching office.

The best is you as a client take a seat and make it yourself comfortable.


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