Buddha’s Noble Truths

 On the night of his enlightenment Buddha has attained insight on the following truths. Buddha’s truth: There is suffering in life, such as dissatisfaction or unreliability. This makes us stress. If we learn to understand it, we also learn to deal with it. Added to this is that there is not only suffering in our […]

Development of potentials

30 Reasons why you need a coach/ Reasons why coaching is important A coach opens an invisible space for you, keeping it for you during the setting through his attention for you. Even if he says nothing, he is present with his presence, and so you can give off more easily control and go inward […]

Developing self-esteem

How valuable do you feel and do you realize how much value has your SELF? Often we confound self-esteem with material things. We believe we have only value if we have a lot of money or drive an expensive car, have a position as respected leader or awarded a Ph.D.. Of course, these things are […]